Common Services Offered In Assisted Living Facilities

Birmingham seniors might get to a point where they can no longer live safely on their own and need to go into assisted living. This is when it might be time to consider discussing assisted living options with them. There are some signs that can help you to determine when you should talk to the seniors you love about this type of living arrangement.

Red Flags That Indicate It Might Be Time to Consider Assisted Living

There are certain signs that stand out above the rest when it comes to whether it is time to talk about assisted living with your loved one. First and foremost, if they recently had an accident, such as a medical scare or a bad fall, it might no longer be safe for them to live alone at home. You should also take note of any long-term health issues that are getting worse, such as congestive heart failure or dementia. If you notice they can no longer attend to their activities of daily living, such as feeding themselves and basic hygiene needs, these too can be red flags.

Health and Appearance Changes to Look For

Noticeable weight changes or looking more frail can indicate that there is a problem with your loved one being able to eat healthy and maintain their nutrition. You might also notice a change in their appearance or body odor indicating that they cannot take care of their hygiene needs right here appropriately without some help each day.

Social Signs You Should Be Aware Of

As people get older, it is not uncommon for their social habits to change slightly. However, a major change can indicate a problem. You might notice that they are not working to maintain relationships with family and friends. You may also notice that they are not engaging in activities they once loved or they are not leaving the house regularly or they cannot remember plans for when emergencies happen, such as a fire or severe weather.

Personal and Financial Signs to Know About

It is important that your loved one is able to take care of their bills and personal business when they live independently. Assisted living might be ideal if you notice past due bills, mail from creditors seeking payment, unopened mail or mail that builds up in home the mailbox without being retrieved.

You can see that assisted living in Birmingham can help your loved one to be safer while still enjoying the things that they love most. When you broach this conversation with them, make sure that they know the benefits and that you listen to their concerns. This will help to make the transition to this type of facility much easier for everyone.

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